Saturday, March 28, 2009

Making my day...

I just had an experience that made my day -- if not the entire week...

My doorbell rang a minute ago, and when I answered the door, I found a team of 3 women outside. When they asked how I was, I told them I was fine, and one of them tried to hand me a brochure as she told me they were from one of the local Baptist churches.

I gave her a Look (I have a little sign on my door telling people to go away if they don't know me by name - and explicitly includes religious groups) before telling her and her companions "If I was interested in finding Jesus, I'd already be doing it. Now fuck off and leave me alone."

Needless to say, they got horrified and offended before I slammed the door in their faces.

Rhetorical question: what is it with hard-core religious types that they can't just leave people alone?

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LeeAnn said...

Back when I was younger and had the body to get away with it, I lived in a very heavily-knocked-by-evangelicals neighborhood.
I would answer the door naked, if I knew it was a pack of them. They would run run run.
Now that I think of it, a time-ravaged middle-aged nekid lady might be even scarier... hmmmm.
I know that feeling of satisfaction you speak of.