Tuesday, March 25, 2008

not Anti-Olympics, but...

I am anti-China.

Enough so that I will be boycotting any and all Olympic activities: not just the broadcast(s) of the games, but any and all Olympic-branded merchandise.

If you want to know why, how about these reasons:

  • Tiananmen Square
  • Forced 3rd trimester (and even mid-birth) 'abortions' to enforce their one-child-per-family program
  • Their governments manipulation of their currency so as to ensure maximum foreign (hard) currency income, versus letting a free and open market establish trading rates
  • Their sale of weapons and other arms to unstable and hyper-aggressive countries (think: Iran and North Korea, for example)
  • That they came out into international airspace to screw up one of our military aircraft, blamed US for a collision, then holding our military personnel far longer than necessary or appropriate (and keeping our aircraft in the process)
  • Their insistence that they can do any damn thing they want, without being held accountable for those actions by the rest of the world

I think those should be good enough reasons, for a start, don't you?