Saturday, November 10, 2007

Well, just FARK it, then...

For the six or seven people out there that haven't heard about (or visited) Fark, it's a news conglomoration site that specializes in stuff that's weird or off-beat. The thing is, the teasers to the various stories are often as funny or more entertaining than the actual story - such as:
First 450 people who show up at Cleveland's convention centre this Saturday with a working handgun will get a $100 gas card. The first person to think this through will get $45,000 in gas cards
for this story.


Poor Jimbo. A highly educated professional, fluent in a foreign language, he's had his blog dragged down by reporting about Hillary and Nancy Pelosi.

Me, on the other hand... well, since I don't get down in the muck the way Brave Sir Jimbo does, my humble blog is a bit more... literate. Sorry, Jimbo! :-)

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ya think?

I took this photo just today, here in Billings.

Sadly, there are doubtless those that need the sign.