Thursday, December 10, 2009

When is an Express lane not an Express lane?

When the cashier at the local Albertsons doesn't say anything when some inconsiderate, unobservant, ignorant git go through it with two full shopping carts of groceries -- totalling nearly $350.

I know this because it just happened to ME. When I got up to the checkout area with my half-full little basket of stuff, one lane had three people with full baskets; the next lane closed while I was still five or six feet away from it. The last open lane was the (HA!) "Express Lane" for 15 or fewer items -- where said git was industriously unloading her second basket. Oh, and as an added bonus attraction, the assistant manager of the store was puttering around in the immediate area, and completely failed to say anything to either the cashier OR the git.

When I finally got my turn to be checked out, the cashier seemed surprised that I was rather less than cheerful, happy, and friendly.

On my way out, I said something about what had happened to the assistant manager. The correct response, of course, would have been something along the line of "I'm sorry, sir. We'll speak to the cashiers about working on the Express lane"; what I got INSTEAD was a half-smile as she hemmed and hawed and tried to play it down.

After getting home and putting the groceries away, I went to the Albersons web site and left them some testy (but polite and not profane) feedback. Supposedly, I'll hear something back from them within 24 hours; if/when they actually respond, I'll update this entry.

From where I live, the next-nearest grocery facility is a (gag, retch) Wal*Mars. I wonder if I shouldn't do my shopping there for a while to make a point...

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LeeAnn said...

Please, please... I will send you a gallon of pennies to go wherever you need to go to avoid 'Mars. No need to encourage them.
Unless, of course, you stock up on a wide variety of snarky remarks to throw at them... then have at it and report back to us. :)