Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kitten School

In the last couple of days, Radar the kitten, has gone through the following courses:

Class 1
  • Jump up on Dad's lap, sit while watching what he does on the computer.
  • Sitting is too tiring, so lay down on his leg.
  • Fall asleep.
  • Try to roll over, fall off leg.

Class 2
  • Get into laundry basket.
  • Discover all the things you can beat up.
  • Jump out of laundry basket, try to drag something out to play with.
  • Discover that item is way bigger than you thought, drag harder.
  • Succeed in pulling Dad's bluejeans out of basket.
  • Get covered by bluejeans.
  • While trying to escape bluejeans, manage to burrow your way into leg, get trapped.
  • Yell for help.

Class 3
  • Play with assorted cat toys.
  • Get tired of assorted cat toys.
  • Go looking for new toy.
  • Spot twitching tail.
  • Ignore that twitching tail is connected to (way) bigger cat.
  • Ambush tail.
  • Get soundly thumped on the head for your efforts.
Most important lesson
Do NOT suddenly jump up on toilet while Dad is standing in front of it.

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