Wednesday, February 25, 2009


See, this is why I named my blog the way I did...

Got a call a little bit ago from the moorons at the Census. Seems that me simply claiming (by writing in BIG RED LETTERS on the front of it) religious exemption from answering their questions wasn't enough. They "had" to call, and explicityly ask me each and every farookin' question on the survey, and then take my verbal response (which was probably politer and less profane that I should have made it).

So, after verifying the basics that I'd filled in on the front of the damn thing, we had to go through the rest of it. After the first time I responded with "I decline to answer that question on religous grounds.", it was sufficient for me to simply reply "Decline" to the rest of them -- all eleventy hundred of them (or so it seemed).

And then the dipshits wonder why Government is held in such low regard...

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