Sunday, January 13, 2008

Poly ticks

Just some random observations on our government, the election process, and the like...

  • I'd like to suggest that we contrive to get the Kentucky Derby winner elected to the White House. That way, we'll be assured of getting the WHOLE horse, instead of just the horse's ass...
  • Congress' ratings are even lower than Dubya's. Here's a thought: how about we vote all the incumbents out (yes, even yours!), regardless of party/affiliation, just to remind the bastages who's supposed to be in charge?
  • For the Presidential election, I'd suggest voting in some obvious moonbat. Since no one would take him/her seriously, (s)he couldn't do anything damaging because Congress wouldn't approve it, Congress couldn't screw much up because of the moonbat in the White House, and ALL of us would get a break from the assorted crap we're currently subjected to. It would also be a way of saying "none of the above" to the established political parties...
  • If you're polled by some outfit, lie your ass off -- tell them you'd vote for Stalin, if he was running. Let's stop making elections some kind of popularity contest where the candidates use polls to determine what position to take on any particular topic.
  • Take the time to look at how the various candidates for whatever office have actually voted on different matters of interest to you. The information is available online (for national offices, anyway). Be an informed voter.
  • Actually listen to the candidates for various offices. When asked a question, do they respond with generalities ("I'd create jobs") or offer answers that contain actual facts and data ("I've detailed what I'd do in a document you can get at _____")?
  • If you really don't like any of the final candidates for a particular office, go to the voting machines in your area and vote in all the elections except the one(s) where you don't like your choices. Let the powers-that-be KNOW you don't like what's going on!

I think that all of us would acknowledge that we have a political system that is severely dysfunctional; I think it's time we started do whatever is necessary (and what we can) to remind our elected officials (in particular) and our government (in general) that they're supposed to be working for US, the citizens of the United States of America, for the benefit of the country as a whole.

I mean, it's a thought...


Anonymous said...

You expect the American People to pay attention to what candidates actual say and not make it a beauty contest? Impossible.

William H. White said...

I think "None of the Above (NOTA)" on the ballot at the end of each list of candidates is a wonderful idea.

Clearly, all legitimate consent requires the ability to withhold consent. Just as voting "NO" on ballot questions allows you to withhold consent, NOTA on the ballot allows voters to withhold their consent from an election to office.

If NOTA get more votes than any candidate for an office, then a new election with new candidates is held.

Also, NOTA on the ballot means candidates running unopposed, as so many do, would have to get voter consent to be elected.

In the meantime, if you do not like any candidate and would otherwise not vote, write-in "None of the Above" to send a clear message.

See: for additional information.