Sunday, December 30, 2007

Harassing the Cat

So I'm here at home, installing OS-X on a Mac Beige G3 All-in-One (any
Mac people out there will know what I'm talking about) in the interest
of playing with it (prior to installing Linux).

I've got the thing sitting on the floor, and while it's booting up, my
cat Elf decides to check it out -- and becomes fascinated by the mouse
cursor moving around on the screen. Fascinated enough, in fact, that
she decides to try and catch it...

Except the damn thing won't STAY caught (much like the dot from the
laser pointer), causing her to get more and more frustrated at it.
Finally, she gets so mad that she tries to beat the crap out of it
before heading into the kitchen to console herself with some kibbles.

By the time she gets back, the installation is ticking away, and she
gets interested in watching the progress bar move along. When she gets
interested enough, she tries to sniff it to see if perhaps it's
edible -- whereupon the static build-up on the screen 'bites' her nose
hard enough that she runs into the bedroom to escape it.



Erica said...

F**king with the cat's head on New Year's Eve? Sure, why not.

Have a wonderful New Year, D.

Anonymous said...

Every pet owner's secret goal is to slooooowly drive their pet IN-SAAAAAAAANE! Think Chuck Heston screaming in Planet of the Apes:

"It's a maaaaadhouse! A maaaaadhouse!""

Dave said...

It isn't that I actually seek to do anything to harass Elf. It's more of a case that I simply provide her with the opportunity and her own innate shtoopidness does the rest.