Saturday, September 8, 2007

Darwin was an optimist...

I'm starting to wonder if the human race stands any chance whatsoever of survival. I mean, I keep seeing various and sundry people doing things that strike me as being more than a little contrary to the continuation of the species - yet these people continue to wander the planet.

To wit:

  • Mooron pops out from between vehicles in grocery store parking lot without troubling himself with looking to see if any vehicles are coming his direction.
  • Mooron tooling down street in SUV while yapping on cell phone AND trying to eat non-sammich food item that required 'juggling' said food item
  • Mooron riding bicycle at night - said bicycle having no lights or reflectors, and rider wearing dark clothing while weaving wildly onto and off of the street.
  • Mooron standing at fuel pump at gas station while yapping on cell phone and smoking a cigarette.
  • Mooron college bimbo talking about getting passed-out drunk at a party, and the inconvenience she experienced after having apparently had unprotected sex with some (apparently large) number of males.
  • Mooron motorcyclist zooming down road on crotch-rocket (at well over the speed limit), his "protective gear" consisting of flip-flops, shorts, wife-beater undershirt, and backwards-facing ball cap.

I'm starting to think that perhaps we should start allowing a strictly Darwinian selection process to take effect: I think it would do wonders for overpopulation, increase the overall intelligence of the species, and do wonders for the planet.

"Left to its own devices, Nature cures stupidity."

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