Saturday, September 27, 2008


Okay, of the eleventy-seven different things I've had going on, I've gotten ONE of them as complete as I can: getting my webserver back in service.

I still need to deal with my ISP to get the Networking Magic straightened out, however -- the DSL modem I have is pretty much a POS, and I have to get my DSL connection set up so that my firewall has my Internet IP address instead of the modem; once that's done, I'll be hosting my own web pages again.

Rather than go through the dance of firing up my Different Lemming blog (again), I'm just going to stay on Blogger -- though I'll be linking to the website for various and sundry things. My web server will also be handling my other Internet services, too -- things like DNS and email.

Granted, it isn't a LOT of progress, but it's something...

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