Monday, February 22, 2010

Ummmm... whoops?

Golly-gee willikers.

It seems that the school district accused of spying on students was just misunderstood.


Is true.

What actually happened is that the laptop was reported stolen. They haven't bothered to produce any documentation of that; we should just trust them, apparently. Besides that:
The image that brought this whole thing out? Whoever it was that told the webcam to take a picture managed to catch the kid while he was involved with the notorious gateway drug of... Mike and Ike candies.

This whole thing is looking more and more like the school district made an abysmal choice in installing the remote-monitoring software, shot themselves in the foot by trying to punish the kid for consuming what they thought (but didn't bother to verify) was illicit drugs, and are now doing a singularly bad job of trying to justify what they've done and put the best possible face on it -- instead of just standing up and admitting that they screwed the pooch all along the way.

Damn fine way to set an example, folks...


LeeAnn said...

Were it my kid, I don't know which I'd do faster... pull him out of that school or file my lawsuit.
Wait, I can multi-task...

Dave said...

Amusingly enough, this all really didn't come out until the parents DID whip a lawsuit on the school district -- that either has (or will soon) become a class-action operation.

Sucks to the be school district, methinks...