Friday, January 15, 2010

My cat wears cement overshoes

Almost since the day I got here, Radar (my Emergency Backup Cat) had provided oversight while I take my shower in the morning -- every single time I get out, she's sitting there on the bathmat, waiting for me. After I step out and begin to dry off, she jumps into the tub to lick up some of the water. Satisfied that I'm still as sweet as I was, she jumps back out a couple of minutes later.

The past few days, her exit from the tub has included a detour: walking with her wet feet through the litterbox full of clumping cat litter. Of course, the litter sticks to the wet fur, and it doesn't take long for it to dry and harden into little clumps of what amounts to cement.


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LeeAnn said...

Monkey also is in charge of making sure we all shower properly. She likes to leap into the tub as soon as the shower's off and sit, watching drips. She hasn't tested the cementness of her litter yet.
I hope she doesn't read this post. It sounds like a mess.