Friday, June 26, 2009

Feathered Friend

I went over to a friends house today to help him out by mowing his yard while he's out of town.

On arrival, I was checking the yard for hazards, and happened on a smallish robin. Surprised that it hadn't flown away, I approached it to see what the deal was. It just stood there looking at me, even after I gently nudged it with my foot and convinced it to take a couple of half-hearted hops.

I figured it would find some place else to hang out once I got the mower fired up, but the dumbshit just stood there watching me. When I finally had to choose between stopping the mower, and creating robin puree, I stopped the mower. A few nudges convinced him/her (sorry, I didn't look close enough to establish gender) to take the few hops to a neighbor's yard, where (s)he would be out of the way. Once that was accomplished, it was back to the mowing. A while later, I saw that (s)he had finally decided to relocate.

I can only figure that I was being tested, and that my actions have resulted in a favorable report being sent off to the Organisation of Birds International - Western Area Network, and that my car has now been removed from the acceptable targets list.

At least, I'm hoping...


LeeAnn said...

Birds are not the brightest beasts. Monkey catches the same one over and over, or so she tells me. Perhaps she's just trying to fudge the figures so she doesn't come up guilty of sparrow genocide.

Lauralee Beth said...

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