Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Selectively picking the taxpayers pocket

Those ass-munches in Congress (both House and Senate) have decided that the way to pay for some "health" program or other is to dramatically raise taxes on tobacco -- to over $25/pound.

There are a number of problems with this, not the least of which include:
  • The greatest percentage of smokers are poor -- the very same folks that are most likely to need the SCHIP services the new tax is meant to fund.
  • Another tax on tobacco is going to reduce the number of smokers -- and thus the source of the money they're after.
  • Taxing ONE "bad" product is eminently unfair -- why not go after other unhealthy products, too, like fast food, soft drinks, junk food, and the like?
I've already contacted my (*spit!*) Congressweasels, and told them (via their "contact me" web pages):
I realise that smokers make a nice, convenient target every time you assclowns need to raise taxes for some "health" issue -- but enough is enough!

Next time Congress needs to bleed a bunch of taxpayers for money for some targeted medical issue, how about you go after an even bigger source of income, like the fast-food establishments, soft drinks, junk food purveyors, and the like? Have you somehow missed the "crisis" of overweight/obese people in this country? Has it somehow escaped your attention that there are a WHOLE lot more lardasses than there are smokers?

Or is the idea of better distributing the additional burden too much for your teeny little brains to comprehend?
Yes, that's really what I wrote -- and that was "restrained", considering what I really wanted to say.


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