Friday, May 23, 2008

Linkiness of the 'light' variety

Personally, I thought this was farookin' hysterical:

And you should be ever so glad that none of these peeps lives in your neighborhood.

Somehow, I've got the idea that one of these may be in ol' Jimbo's future. That, and something like this.

When I saw this one, I immediately thought of a certain wiseass Jooette.

If you have a higher-than-normal fondness for Frank Sinatra, you might want to give this one a look:

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Erica said...

WTF? You give that overcooked dooshbag with peeling skin from the GAH-den State cool shit like tats and a corkxedo, and me - your loyal friend - you give a freakin' Jankee named after a stinkin candy bar?

While I respect his (and especially Gehrig's) contribution to our great national pastime, I need remind you that there will always be a natural rivalry between the New York Yankees and the BROOKLYN Dodgers.

Babe Ruth. Feh. Who's next? Bobby Thompson? Don Larsen?

Dave said...

WTF wtf?

I thought tattoos were disallowed by Jewish law; not even temporary ones were acceptable.

As for the Corkxedo... what, you want something made out of Coney Island Whitefish? I think not!

I'll find something extra special, just for you, 'kay?


Anonymous said...

I like the one with the pill thing and the snake.

Oh, and it's soooo nice to have a fan of the Brooklyn Dodgers (the team that lost all but one World Series to the Mighty Yankees) pay homage to the Babe and Lou Gehrig. Sort of like some dooshbag in a three-chord garage band saying, "Yeah, Lennon and McCartney were pretty good."

Erica said...

That was sooooooo low, even for a dooshbag like yourself. I don't recall ever hearing about anyone in pinstripes ever steal home from Campy.

So exhaustive, you are.