Monday, April 7, 2008

Bits o' Fluff

I mentioned in my previous post that I'm anti-China, and why. As part of that don't-support-the-shitbirds policy, I do a fair amount of my non-food shopping at Target versus Wal*Mart: my experience thus far has been that Target offers more not-Made-in-China items that Wally World. For example, today I purchased a couple of items for home - a bookshelf kit and a set of cookware to replace the worn out mishmash of things I've been pretending to cook with until now.

The shelves were Target-branded, and identified on the box as being made in Malaysia. The cookware was a little tougher: even the Wearever brand had a tiny little "Made in China" tucked away on the box; there was, however, a Bialetti set (mine is black, not red) that was made (you guessed it) in Italy. The quality of the Bialetti set more than made up for the marginally higher price compared to the Chinese-made stuff.

On a totally unrelated note, I know that posting has been a bit on the 'thin' side here of late; all I can say is that I've been having Adventures in Real Life. Things have settled down, however, and I fully expect to being more involved here and on other blogs more Real Soon Now(tm). Also, I'm considering re-activating my previous blog, A Different Lemming. If anyone reading this has any opinion on the matter, don't be shy about expressing it - I'm certainly open to feedback, and can understand that updating blog linkage could be considered an annoyance to one degree or another.

In the mean time, have an ordinary day :-|

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