Friday, August 31, 2007

Blogger v. WordPress

At the suggestion of Randy (of Secular Franciscan fame), I had a look at the WordPress blogage site, and what all was involved with it.
I was left feeling a bit less than impressed: they don't allow users to upload their own tools/accessories (understandable, of course), and want to charge varying amounts in monthly fees for anything more than basic blogging.
Blogger, on the other hand, either offers a wide variety of add-ins, or provides links to third parties that have services compatible with Blogger.
Since transferring my old Different Lemming entries wasn't all that important to me, the flexibility and openness of Blogger settled things for me.

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion WP can be a pain in the ass when it's time for a security or other upgrade. Deleting entire files, replacing them with others, remembering launch codes, sifting through rubble, combining volatile elements in the beaker over an open flame. That sort of thing.

If you've customized much, see, it can get a bit weird and, more importantly, the upgrade process can be annoying. So, I don't ever mention that the upgrade process can be a hassle if you customize, mainly because someone inevitably snaps, "HEY MAN. WP IS FREE, so what more do you want?!"

And, really, they DO have me there, don't they? Yes indeed.

So I don't mention that WP can be a pain in the ass to upgrade if you customize a lot. I mean I just totally refuse to ever mention it.